55 Black Nail Designs for 2024

Long gone are the times when black nails were exclusively associated with gothic and grunge styles. Today, fashionable black manicure is almost a classic. What new design trends do nail artists offer us this year?


Black nail polish manicures largely reflect general nail art trends, but with consideration for the specificity of the color. Thus, the most popular trends in black nail design in 2024 include:

  • Black French Manicure

  • Black Nails with Metallic Accents

  • Matte Black Mani

  • Ombré Nails

  • Nails with Glitter

  • Foil Mani

Matte Black Nails With Glossy Tip




Black French Tips




Black Ombré Nails



Matte Black Nails



Black and white nail designs

The most popular combination of polishes is black and white. Two achromatic colors look very contrasting and stylish – this classic pair is destined for success in any design and in any proportions.
Black and White Nails






Black and red nail art ideas

Red and black nails are passion, dynamism, and drama in one bottle. It's a very striking combination, especially for creating evening looks.
Black and red nail designs



Black and pink nails

The combination of black and pink polishes is not very common. And that's a mistake. Depending on the shade of pink, such a design can be everyday or festive. But it's always original and feminine.




Luxurious black and gold nail designs

The combination of black polish with gold looks extremely expensive, luxurious, and festive. It's no wonder that black and gold nails are among the top New Year's designs.
Black & Gold Nails




Black Marble Nails



Black and silver nails for special occasions

Beautiful black nails with silver elements looks no less festive and chic. The choice of "precious metal" will depend only on the other elements of your look.
Black and silver nail designs



Black Glitter Nails Designs



Black and yellow nails

The combination of yellow polish with black looks unusually harmonious. This is one of those cases where black polish is used in summer nail designs.




Green and black nail art ideas

Black and green nails are a splendid choice for a green-themed look.




Everyday black and beige nail designs

Beige color softens the "severity" and drama of black, so in this combination, black nails fit perfectly into everyday style.
Black and Beige nails





For several years in a row, nail art masters have been advocating for naturalness. So, black manicure on short nails is an ideal solution in any case.
Short Black Nail Ideas





Classy Black Nail Designs




Minimal Black Nail Designs




However, long nails covered in black polish can sometimes look unnatural and have a "touch" of theatricality, so such a manicure would be more appropriate for "special occasions." In any case, it's a matter of taste and personal preferences.
Long Black Nail Designs




Black Nails With Sparkles







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