60+ French Manicure Ideas for 2024

Regardless of how trends evolve, the elegant and timeless French manicure always remains in vogue. This nail design is a true classic in the world of nail art. However, that doesn't mean the French manicure is impervious to change. So, what innovative ideas do nail designers have in store for us this season?


While the classic french manicure with gel polish stands the test of time, those seeking novelty should explore French manicures with artistic designs.
Classic French Tip Manicure In Square Shape


Delicate micro french.






French mani with sequins, shimmer, and foil accents.
Beautiful French Nail Designs for 2024







Colorful french nails

The most fashionable shades for colorful French manicure this year are blue, pink, purple and black.
Colored French Tip Nails







Best French Nail Design Ideas for Summer 2024



Bold "smile" shapes, such as triangular, unfinished, double, pinstriped, wavy, or featuring animal prints.







Nail art patterns on a single nail (hearts, fruits, flowers).
French manicure 2024







Ideas of French Manicure Nail Designs



French Mani With Rhinestones.



A popular trend this year combines the French manicure with monochromatic nail art, where the smile line can be either traditional white or milky, or coordinated with the rest of the nails' monochromatic shade.








Embracing naturalness and understated elegance, short nails and medium-length nails remain at the forefront of fashion. For short nails, the square-shaped French manicure reigns supreme. As for medium-length nails, the preferred choices are the soft square and oval French manicures.

When opting for a French manicure on short nails, favor the traditional white smile line, as it visually elongates the nails. Minimize excessive patterns, rhinestones, and other decorative elements for a refined look.

For those seeking a new twist, the micro French manicure presents an ideal option. However, it demands precision from the nail technician to ensure a flawless smile line and avoid any semblance of a sloppy manicure.
French Nails 2024









Long nails provide the perfect canvas for French manicures adorned with sparkles, prints on the smile line, and various colored French variations with curvaceous smiles.

French manicures can be seen on long, almond-shaped nails, as well as on ballerina-shaped nails (with a triangular-shaped smile line), and, of course, the ever-versatile oval shape.
Long French Tip Nails