65 Beautiful Green Nail Art Designs for 2024

Green nails is a breakout trend of 2024. From bright lime shades for summer and fresh greens for spring to deep emerald and neutral olive colors for fall and winter. You can create a stunning manicure design with green polish that will look great on both short and long nails.

 So, what type of green nail design will be the most popular this season?


A beautiful green manicure looks original even in monochrome. The most popular colors of the season are neon green, mint shades, olive, and young green.
Green Nails Ideas




But that doesn't mean that the design will be unnecessary!
Nail artists suggest the following options:

  • Green nails with shiny accents (foil, liquid metal, glitter)

  • Combination of different shades of green

  • Green French and micro French tips

  • Earth tones

  • Matte finish


Green nails with shiny accents


Green Nail Art Designs 2024




Combination of different shades of green
Light green nails





Green French and micro French tips


Green French Manicure





Earth tones



Sage green nail designs 2024



Matte finish



Matte Green Nails




And, of course, various patterns will be popular in the summer. By the way, green can be not only the main color but also used for vibrant accents. For example, in designs with green flowers or leaves.






Acrylic Nail Designs




The green palette looks great on short nails. If you want to visually lengthen wide nails, opt for dark green designs, while light shades are better for narrow nail plates. As for the design, French tips, minimalist patterns, and a touch of glitter, in moderation, will work well.



Dark green nails



Short Green Nail Designs



For long nails, almost anything goes – from monochromatic bright green manicures to combining multiple techniques and designs.



Long Green Nail Ideas





Green nails with white patterns are one of the most popular choices. But it's not the only option. Stylists suggest applying white polish to 1-2 nails, 'mixing' it with green, using it in gradient manicures, or creating colorful French tips.







Black-green nails look striking and bold.





Yellow-green designs are the essence of summer: vibrant, juicy, and fresh! This combination looks good in gradients, patterns, and two-tone manicures.



Ombré Nails



Pink-green duo works well in the same tonality: both colors should be either pastel shades or vibrant ones.






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