70+ White Nail Ideas You Need to Try in 2024

The white manicure is an enduring fashion trend. Stylish and versatile, it suits brides and businesswomen alike, complements all colors, and serves as an excellent base for various decorations. Let's explore the current fashionable white nail designs.


The list of trends includes both classic techniques and cutting-edge innovations:

  • French manicure

  • Milky nails

  • Glitter and rhinestones

  • Graphics and flowers

  • Matte finish

White Nail Art Designs 2024


White nails provide a wonderful canvas for any design. The most popular choice is the French manicure. In addition to the traditional style, nail artists suggest combining French manicure with designs on 1-2 nails, creating colorful gradients, and adding glitter to the crescent area.






White Acrylic Nail Designs



What's the secret behind the popularity of Milky Nails? It's all about the color. After all, milky is the "golden middle" between transparent and matte white manicure. Semi-transparent, like a blurred shade resembling skim milk in a glass, it gave the fashionable trend its name.
Milky white nail designs






Glitter and rhinestones add a festive touch to a white base. You can either accentuate a few nails with glitter gel polish or create a glitter gradient beneath a milky base.
White Glitter Nail Designs



White Nails With Rhinestones



If you want to add character or a stylish touch, accentuate with nail art. The most popular choices include abstract, floral, and geometric patterns.









A beautiful white manicure with a matte finish looks great on both short and long nails. It appears elegant both as a monochromatic style and with subtle minimalist designs.
Matte white nails





The black and white nail design stands out as the most popular choice. It exudes sleekness, style, and is anything but boring!
White and black nails







Pink and white together create an aura of delicacy and femininity.
White and pink nail designs






The combination of red and white polish represents a blend of innocence and passion.
White and red nail ideas





Perhaps the most striking pairing is white with gold or silver.
White and gold nail designs



Silver and white nails




White polish is an excellent choice for short nails. Stylists recommend shaping them into a square or soft square form. Among the designs, the most successful ones are French manicure, simple patterns, ombre, and manicures with glitter.




Short White Nail Ideas




White Shimmer Nails




Gentle white manicures suit long nails just as well, and any design will complement them beautifully.
Long White Nail Designs





Cute White Gel Nails








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