30+ Amazing Red Toe Nail Ideas You Need to Try

A beautiful red pedicure is always in fashion. And it's no surprise, because red nail polish on toenails is eye-catching and versatile. Moreover, it's one of the major beauty trends this year!


Red pedicure design 2024


A monochromatic pedicure with red nail polish is a safe option for any season. But when summer arrives and we start wearing open-toed shoes, we want something more. That's when toenail art comes in.

Here are the top trends for 2024:

  • Red French Toe Nail Designs

  • Red shiny pedicure

  • Toe nails matte designs

  • Red ombre pedicure

Typically, the big toenail plays the role of a canvas, but all nails can be used for minimalist designs or French tips.





Bright red pedicure




Red pedicure with glitter





Red french pedicure




Dark Red Pedicure


Don't like the monochromatic pedicure? The red toenail pedicure looks fantastic in combination with other colors.

Red and black - the classic. This contrasting and dramatic pair is suitable for both everyday and evening looks, depending on the design of your choice.




Red Toenails 2024


An ideal companion for all shades of red is white nail polish. It will make your pedicure look light and fresh. You can also use white for designs on a red background (or vice versa) or alternate these two colors on your toenails.




Red toe nails matte designs



Gold and red toenail polish - the luxurious duo! This is the perfect choice for any festive occasion. We recommend using gold polish on one toenail or creating a golden ombre on one or two.





You can also combine the red pedicure with silver. It looks less luxurious and festive than the previous combination, but it's still a great option for everyday wear.