45+ Red Nail Designs for a Chic and Trendy Look

Red nails are a timeless classic that never goes out of style. Monochromatic coverage is always a safe choice for any occasion, but if you want to add a fashionable accent to your look, try red nails with designs.


45 Red Nail Art Ideas for 2024


Pure Red Manicure


Among the most popular options for nail designs with red nails, you can highlight:

Red French Tips

Red polish can be used for both the tips and as the primary color.





Red French Manicure


Red Nails with Wavy Lines

A choice for abstract red nail designs with wavy lines that look very striking!





Red Nails with Gold and Silver

Gold and silver accents can be achieved with shimmer or glitter polish, and foil is also trendy.
Red Glitter Nails




Red Acrylic Nails


Red Ombre Nails

Red and black ombre nails look bold and passionate. For a more restrained and elegant option, try a combination of red and burgundy.



Red Stiletto Nails


Red Nails with Hearts

Red nails with hearts are perfect for dates or whenever you want to add a touch of romance to your fingertips. Choose red nails with white hearts or draw hearts on white polish.




Red Manicure




Red Matte Nail Design

Matte finishes always look elegant and stylish. For red matte nails, bright and rich shades of polish are recommended. It's best to choose a simple design, such as uncomplicated patterns in neutral shades.


Matte Red Nails





Red Nails With Rhinestones

An option for festive nail designs.
Short Red Nails




For short nails, almost any design works: any patterns (especially geometric ones), metallic polishes, foil, French tips and more. Red polish also looks great in a solid color on short nails.
Bold Bright Red Nails





Matte finishes, simple patterns, French tips, gold accents, and ombre effects will look good on long nails.
Long Red Nails




Red Coffin Nails



The combination of red and black colors in a manicure looks very striking and always draws maximum attention. This design is not often used for everyday manicures but is more than suitable for evening and festive looks.





White is a perfect complement to red nail polish. Bright red nails with white accents are especially suitable for the summer.
Red Almond Nails




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