65+ Stunning Pink Nail Designs for 2024

Pink nail polish is versatile. It's suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions, seamlessly fitting into any look and style. Its popularity reached its peak this year thanks to the release of the Barbie movie.
If you're in search of your perfect pink manicure, here's a selection of the best pink nail design ideas that are currently in trend.


Pink nail trends in 2024 offer a variety of shades and designs. Among the most popular and current ones are:

  • Chrome

  • Ombre

  • Swirls

  • Shiny decorations, foil, and glitter

  • French tips

  • Marble manicure

  • Flowers

  • Animal prints

Pink Chrome Nails


Pink Nail Art Ideas for 2024




Pink Ombre Nails






Pink Swirl Nails




Glitter and foil pink nails

Pink Almond Nails




Pink Glitter Nails


Pink French Manicure






Pink Marble Nails


Pink Stiletto Nails



Pink Nails with Flowers






Pink Manicure 2024




A matte top coat will make even the most common pink nail polish reveal itself in an unexpected way. No matter which shade of pink you choose, the velvety texture will make gentle shades even softer, and bright pink nails more interesting.

On matte surfaces, French tips, geometric patterns, abstraction, and ombre look stylish. A beautiful pink design can be achieved by combining bright and nude shades with patterns, foil, and glitter.



Matte Pink Nails




One of the most current trends in the nail industry - short natural nails - pairs perfectly with pink designs. Powdery and nude shades look elegant and delicate on such nails, while bright shades appear joyful and bold. In the first case, an oval nail shape is ideal, while in the second, a square shape works well.

For the pastel palette, stylists recommend French tips, geometric patterns, and marble design. On bright and saturated polish, flowers, fruits, and shiny decorations will look winning.






Long nails, despite their somewhat aggressive appearance, look fantastic not only with juicy and bright nail polish shades but also with a delicate pastel pink finish, which allows them to showcase the romance and softness of your personality. By the way, the most sought-after shades of pink for long nail manicures today are nude and pastel tones.
Long Pink Nails





Bold Bright Pink Nails




Pink Acrylic Nails


Pink and Black

It is important to choose the right pink shade, such as ash pink, yogurt, or raspberry, when combining it with black. A stylish example of this combination is a manicure with a splatter effect—black splatters on a pink background.



Pink Coffin Nails



Pink and White

A delicate and soft combination that looks great both in the ombre technique and when combined with other designs.




Pink and Gray

The tandem of gray and pink colors is harmonious and elegant, creating a perfect blend of delicate pink shades and soft pastel gray.



Pink and Blue or Lilac

These shades look best in pastel tones—delicate, soft, and very feminine.




Pink with Silver

Manicurists offer a wide variety of pink nail designs, including silver foil and glitter, shiny stripes, and patterns—all of which create an impressive and festive look."




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