65 Best Halloween Nail Art Ideas for 2023

 If you're in a party costume, it means you should be fully committed to it, down to the fingertips. Especially if it's a Halloween-themed party.


Halloween nail art designs 2024




Halloween nail designs can vary widely: you can go with a simple solid black color, draw red streaks or "blood" splatters, use glow-in-the-dark neon nail stickers, or even play with an elegant French manicure that fits the holiday spirit. So, what kind of Halloween nail art do nail stylists suggest for us this year?






Bloody French Tip Nails for Halloween










Black nail art for Halloween is always a winning choice. Besides the regular monochrome, nail artists offer two-color designs with thematic patterns and glitter.
Halloween Nail Ideas 2024









Halloween manicure






The most popular Halloween nail design traditionally involves "graveyard" themes: witches, spiders, crosses, black cats, spiderwebs, and bats. You can draw the patterns or use appropriate stickers.




Spooky nails







Spider web nails




Halloween Acrylic nail designs



It's not necessary for the nail art to be scary and ominous - pumpkins, spiders, and ghosts can be fun and not at all frightening.
Ghost Nails







Halloween nails








To create an eye-catching Halloween manicure for short nails, you can draw bats on each nail or go for a simple design by depicting blood streaks and colorful pairs of eyes.
Short Halloween nail designs






Orange & Black Halloween Nail Design




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